Hannah Montana the movie

Miley not a kid anymore

Posted on: July 12, 2009

Miley not a kid anymore

Miley Cyrus Elle photos:
Miley Cyrus Elle photo

Miley Cyrus Elle cover photo

Miley Cyrus Elle sexy photo

Earlier this year Miley Cyrus announced she would be going on tour this year.
fans get a chance to see a Miley Cyrus Concert.

Unfortunately though, getting hold of Miley Cyrus Tickets wasn’t that easy.
Despite the Miley Cyrus Tour utilizing a paperless ticket system
to prevent ticket sharks getting hold of thousands of tickets,
the Miley Cyrus Tour still sold out in hours.

Miley also has released a Hannah Montana Concert
to the Internet as a live stream.


Hannah Montana-3 soundtrack
Hannah Montana-3 soundtrack

Track list:
01. Hannah Montana – It’s All Right Here
02. Hannah Montana – Let’s Do This
03. Hannah Montana – Mixed Up
04. Hannah Montana – He Could Be The One
05. Hannah Montana – Just A Girl
06. Hannah Montana – I Wanna Know You (Feat. David Archuleta)
07. Hannah Montana – Supergirl
08. Hannah Montana – Every Part Of Me
09. Hannah Montana – Ice Cream Freeze (Let’s Chill)
10. Hannah Montana – Don’t Wanna Be Torn
11. Hannah Montana – Let’s Get Crazy
12. Hannah Montana – I Wanna Know You
13. Mitchel Musso – Let’s Make This Last 4Ever
14. Hannah Montana – If We Were A Movie (Feat. Corbin Bleu)



1 Response to "Miley not a kid anymore"

miley is not 18 yet, she is still very much a kid! I do not know why 16 year olds think that they are not kids anymore! You have to be 18 and older to be not a kid anymore!

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