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Miley Cyrus new photos

Posted on: September 27, 2009

Miley Cyrus – performing during her Wonder World tour
at Staples Center in Los Angeles – 22 September 2009

Miley Cyrus Wonder World tour LA 2009

Shedding her Hannah Montana persona like a pair of outgrown jeans, Miley Cyrus showed evidence
at Staples Center on Tuesday night that her 43-city Wonder World tour looks to be the first step
in a concerted campaign to make the transition from ‘tween sensation’
to young adult star.

Miley Cyrus Wonder World tour 2009

As if to announce her image reboot, the show’s first two songs, “Breakout” and “Start All Over,”
though not new material, touch on the theme of self-reinvention — a theme made more evident
when Cyrus opened the show trapped inside what looked like a block of ice,
with the implication that Cyrus was bursting free from her previous incarnation.

Miley Cyrus Wonder World tour LA 2009

A seasoned performer who turns 17 in November, Cyrus commanded the stage for nearly all
of the 80-minute set, with brief but well-choreographed absences to change outfits
(mostly some version of hot pants or tutus with boots; in other words, tight but not overly skimpy.)
The choreography also skirts sexual innuendo, worth noting after the recent “Polegate”
controversy at the Teen Choice Awards — though at times it comes close.

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