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“Hannah Montana” star Miley Cyrus was seen filming her cameo scene in the new “Sex and The City 2″ movie
with Kim Cattrall. The scene was shot on the red carpet in New York City,according to Access Hollywood.

They wore matching metallic dresses and knee-length boots.
The only difference between their attire,is that Kim wore a hoop necklace,and Miley wore a spiked collar.

sex and the city 2

Miley has previously stated that she loves the “Sex and The City” TV show.
She stated,
“One reason why I love the show so much is because of the fashion.
I love the fashion in it and I love the stories of the girls, not of anything else, but of the girls coming together
and having lunch and just gossiping and talking.”

“Sex and The City 2″ hits theaters on May 28,2010.

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miley cyrus bikini

Earlier this week, Miley Cyrus tweeted her last tweet
(supposedly at the behest of her Last Song co-star and rumored boyfriend Liam Hemsworth),
but even so, she certainly hasn’t stopped her personalized dispatches to fans.
The latest is a YouTube video where Cyrus lays out exactly why she quit Twitter:
“I had to say goodbye,” Miley intones, “and this little rap is to tell my fans why.”

Supposedly, the reason is because she wants to keep her personal things personal.
“I want my private life private,” she raps. “I’m living for me.”
Of course, it totally makes sense to want to keep things private then release a video spelling
that out—and simultaneously putting yourself back on display.

miley cyrus photo

And even though Miley’s final tweet on Thursday said that Hemsworth wanted her to delete
her Twitter account, she responded to that in the rap by saying:
“It wasn’t because my friend told me to. I stopped living for moments and started living for people.”


billy ray miley cyrus hannah montana photo

Most parents want their kids to twitter less, but not Billy Ray Cyrus.

The country music star is urging daughter Miley Cyrus to return to Twitter.
The 16-year-old pop star quit the microblogging site earlier this week, puzzling her fans.
She had more than 1.1 million followers on the site.

Her father tweeted Thursday that Miley “can’t leave everyone now”
and said “we r countin on u.”


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Miley Cyrus quits Twitter, deletes account

Miley Cyrus has quit Twitter, leaving her fans puzzled over her abrupt exit.

She was one of the most popular people on the microblogging site,
with more than 1.1 million followers.
But the account for the 16-year-old Cyrus is no longer available.
miley cyrus bikini 01

In one of her last posts, she wrote that Liam Hemsworth,
her co-star in the upcoming film “The Last Song,” wanted her to delete
her Twitter account “with good reason.”

Publicists for Cyrus didn’t immediately return requests for comment Thursday.
Fans of Cyrus have organized on Twitter under the heading “mileycomeback,”
which was one of the most popular topics on the site Thursday .

miley cyrus 7 things

Miley Cryus to appear alongside Kim Cattrall in ‘Sex and the City 2’

Miley Cyrus - Wonder World tour LA 2009
Miley Cyrus may be making an appearance in the new “Sex and the City” movie,
but don’t go dragging your little ones into the theater to see her.
According to GossipCop, Cyrus is set to appear in the R-rated sequel
alongside veteran Kim Cattrall.

In the leaked scene, Samantha Jones wants to look “hot and young” and winds up on a red carpet
with Cyrus wearing – gasp! – the same dress. In typical fashion, perpetual sidekick Anthony yells out, “Mother of God. She is wearing the same dress as Hannah Montana!”

Embarrassment and possible cat fights ensue.

MTV reports that Cyrus will shoot the scene October 16th,
but fans will have to wait to see what makes the cut when the film debuts in May 2010.

sex and the city

Miley Cyrus – performing during her Wonder World tour
at Staples Center in Los Angeles – 22 September 2009

Miley Cyrus Wonder World tour LA 2009

Shedding her Hannah Montana persona like a pair of outgrown jeans, Miley Cyrus showed evidence
at Staples Center on Tuesday night that her 43-city Wonder World tour looks to be the first step
in a concerted campaign to make the transition from ‘tween sensation’
to young adult star.

Miley Cyrus Wonder World tour 2009

As if to announce her image reboot, the show’s first two songs, “Breakout” and “Start All Over,”
though not new material, touch on the theme of self-reinvention — a theme made more evident
when Cyrus opened the show trapped inside what looked like a block of ice,
with the implication that Cyrus was bursting free from her previous incarnation.

Miley Cyrus Wonder World tour LA 2009

A seasoned performer who turns 17 in November, Cyrus commanded the stage for nearly all
of the 80-minute set, with brief but well-choreographed absences to change outfits
(mostly some version of hot pants or tutus with boots; in other words, tight but not overly skimpy.)
The choreography also skirts sexual innuendo, worth noting after the recent “Polegate”
controversy at the Teen Choice Awards — though at times it comes close.

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On her appearance on The Today Show, Miley Cyrus tried to clear up
her reputation and told her fans that being in the public eye is difficult
when you’re human. Humongously famous, yes, but still human.

Miley performed at New York’s Rockefeller Plaza last week,
singing some of her hits like “Party in the U.S.A.” and “The Climb.”
She then discussed what plans she had for her already-successful career.

“I want to be able to step out and maybe take a break for a while
and write music that inspires me,”

the Hannah Montana star said.
“I think there’s always a formula …
I think the best way to do that is put it out of the way and do something new.”

She also talked about her upcoming movie.
“It’s gonna be crazy ’cause in January, that’s when ‘The Last Song’ comes out,
so that’s going to be kind of rad and kind of dark and kind of a drama.
And [then I] go back to ‘Hannah Montana.’ It’s going to be great!”

As for being in the public eye, she added that she’s still bound to make mistakes.
Don’t we know it.
“I’m not here to say I’m perfect ’cause I’m far from it,”
Cyrus admitted.
“My mistakes are kind of a little bit harder because they are in front
of millions and millions of people. It’s hard sometimes to smile about it,
but it also makes you want to try harder the next time.”

Miley Cyrus Hannah Montana Walmart photoMiley Cyrus Hannah Montana Walmart photoMiley Cyrus Hannah Montana Walmart photo
Miley Cyrus Walmart photo

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